Friday, February 17, 2017

March 8--a day without women

Why is the left afraid to investigate the differences in wages among women? For the obvious reasons--we all know the answer. Career choice, education, experience, skill and geography determine salaries in the USA. For men and women.  Both of us use an all female medical practice. I have no idea if they purposely keep out men (except for patients), but there's a high level of estrogen when you walk in. I think I did see a male tech several years ago, but I he's moved on.

And guess what? There is a vast difference in pay among the 
1) female staffer who moves the sliding window, takes our insurance cards and hands us a clipboard, and 
2) the tech who checks our weight, blood pressure and types notes into the computer, and 
3) the doctor who rushes in for 5 minutes and tries to find out what's going on since the last visit.

I'm guessing at income--about $25,000 for the first woman who is a high school graduate, $35,000 for the second who had 6 months of technical school, and about $200,000 for the third woman who had 4 years of undergrad, 4 years of medical school and 3-7 years of residency before I saw her in that office. Where's the rage, and who should be marching on the Day without women? Woman one, two or three?
I asked a pleasant young clerk at the ophthalmologist office what her training was for the field, and she said none, she had a degree (something in the humanities) and this was the job she found when she and her husband moved to the area. Which category will she go in?   That practice is almost all male doctors and female staff.

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