Sunday, February 12, 2017

I'm biased and so are you, but Washington Post really is biased

Everyone has a bias--and more than one  I have them.  You have them.  But Washington Post has gone waaaay beyond bias to insane, hysterical hatred.  Since it was bought by Jeff Bezos (Amazon gay gazillionaire) it’s worth swearing off, but I do still look through the headlines to see if any of the 8-9 “news” or opinion stories in the digital version will be about anything other than Trump hatism. Nope. But one story on the 11th made me wonder if it is eating its own toxic entrails.  The “journalists” opined that perhaps all this rioting and activism about Trump’s election could possibly be good for the Democrat party--sort of like the Tea Party was good for Republicans.

1) The authors ignore that not only did President Obama’s policies, particularly the misnamed Affordable Care Act, lose the federal government for the Democrats, but he lost most state legislatures for them, too. He left the country leaderless abroad, although he personally enjoyed great popularity at home. There is no Donald J. Trump in a governor’s seat; there is no State Senator Trump in a state where Obama helped Democrats lose.  But 68% in flyover country are controlled by Republicans.

2)  And what Starbucks did the Tea Party burn down? When did the Tea Party mob bankers and businesses wearing black masks and screaming obscenities?  What March in Washington did the Tea Party ever threaten the police or leave enough trash to sink the climate change movement or dress like their own genitals? And did the entrenched Republicans in Congress ever listen to the Tea Party?

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