Friday, February 03, 2017

Dear shrinking and aging Democrats

 The wall was voted on years ago, maybe 11 or so, and your team voted for it. It's about 1/3 built. Stop blaming Trump for 16 years of inaction on illegal immigration by Bush and Obama. Your team also voted to go to war during the Bush years, and expanded it through an imperial presidency during the Obama years--no president was at war longer than Obama. This is the mess you left President Trump. Let's see if he can turn your poop into fertilizer.

KURT SCHLICHTER, Townhall, Feb. 2: "So this leads us to the next Democrat lemmingfest as your dwindling contingent in the Senate prepares to go full Thelma and Louise over Judge Gorsuch. Or should I say, Soon-to-be-Justice Gorsuch, because thanks to Harry Reid, your filibuster has been filibusted. He’s getting confirmed no matter what you do. Plus, he’s a great guy who presents well and who normal people will look at and say, “Hmmm. He seems nice.” But please, don’t let something like the fact you have no chance of success and a huge chance that you will make yourself look like complete idiots deter you from your kamikaze crusade to cater to Team Soros. I want you to oppose Soon-to-be-Justice Gorsuch. Loudly. Proudly. Tone deafly. Tell yourself that, “Well, the GOP won the Senate after doing nothing but obstructing Obama, so it’s gotta work for us, too!” Just skip over how the GOP was obstructing stuff that normal people hate, while you geniuses will be obstructing stuff loved by everyone who doesn’t live within walking distance of a feminist bookstore that serves cruelty-free intersectional chai lattes. And pay no attention to the looming 2018 elections where you have 25 seats at stake. It’s all gonna work out fine! Please. Keep doing what you are doing. And we’ll keep luxuriating in that warm bath tub, which we will top off with Chuck Schumer’s tears."

300,000 Californians have moved to Texas to get away from the nonsense we hear at the Globes and Academy, so when the half time preachers get too loud for Super Bowl 51, hit the mute button. That's not what football should be about. I've never figured out what it IS about, but I know it ISN'T having an overpaid, over rated singer tell me what to believe. If Lady GaGa gets all political on us, I expect a quick approval of Gorsuch. Some blondes really are dumb, even if it comes from a bottle.

On the Mike Gallagher show this morning (he had a guest host) I heard a campaign worker for Trump who went door to door for him in blue collar neighborhoods say he thinks Colin Kaepernick put Trump in the White House. Probably hyperbole, but Kaepernick is REALLY unpopular. He's the football player adopted as an infant by white parents who gave him every advantage, and  has now decided he's a black nationalist and loves a Muslim girl.

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