Monday, February 27, 2017

Tom Tancredo comments on money sent back to Mexico by immigrants

"Mexico’s national income grows in direct proportion to the size of the illegal Mexican population inside the United States. Does that help explain the Mexican fixation on U.S. politics? Mexico’s most profitable export to the U.S. is not oil or avocados or automobile parts, it is people. Mexicans living and working in the U.S. send home over $20 billion annually in cash remittances —... more than Mexico earns in foreign currency from tourism or any export commodity."

I blogged about this scam before--Mexico is a very wealthy country, but it exports people. Not the white citizens of Spanish and northern European ancestry, but those with majority indigenous heritage. The Mexican census doesn't track race, but it's very racist. For some reason American political groups don't even notice. Watch Univision or Telemundo and you see an all-white cast (almost wrote caste, but that would have been even more appropriate).

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Sue said...

Have LOVED Tom Tancredo for years!