Thursday, February 16, 2017

Leaking? That depends on your ideology

I  get the giggles when  friends on the left say there were no leaks or scandals in the Obama terms? Well, yes, but some were reported as "inadvertant disclosures." However, if you search you can find something about Edward Snowden, or exposing foreign informants who were then killed, or the freeze that got some editors fired as a warning to others in the media, or Obama's criminal investigation into leaks that worried him, or FBI agent Donald Sachtleben, or attacks on Wikileaks insiders, or revelations of federal employees keeping tabs on each other not only in the National Security bureaucracy, but the Department of Education, USDA, NOAA, etc. 

Of course, whenever these snooper dooper stories appeared during the Obama years, the reporters to be safe and not anger the powers in DC quickly added any similar stories from the Bush administration all the way back to Judas betraying Jesus, just to make sure they didn't paint Obama too black. Not to beat a dead horse in Benghazi, but that was really about illegal gun running to the rebels in Syria, a plan that went badly for our ambassador and resulted in a cover up by Susan Rice obediently lying to the American people on behalf of Hillary Clinton and President Obama

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