Friday, May 26, 2017

Friday famly photo--Memorial Day week-end

The wind was really brisk along the lake this morning. I had my 2 mile walk.  The irises are fabulous—I could tell even in the dim light of a cloudy early morning sunrise that had no sun. Since contractors are not supposed to be working during the “season” I could see a lot of remodeling and rebuilding going on as I walked down Third and then the Lakefont. The Design/Review committee doesn’t seem as concerned about size as when Bob was on it, but he just shrugs.

I tore the cottage apart looking for the IT/modem information we need to reconnect our internet which we turn off in the fall and winter. The Spectrum guy was here yesterday to flip the switch, but things were not connected. When our daughter arrived and made many phone calls, we were finally up and running, and she then set up the Roku stick she got me for Mother's Day.

 Meanwhile, I found lots of other “stuff,” including a 1977 photo of Bob, his dad Bob and his brother-in-law Bob. The 3 Bobs. It was taken at a time when Bob Sr. visited his sister, so Bob drove over to see him. As near as I can figure, Bob Sr. was 64, Bob was 39 and Bob Poisal was 44. Bob had longish, auburn red hair and was very slender. 40 years makes a huge difference, not just in the clothing fashion as shown in my recent blog, but our hair styles, bodies and physical fitness.

I took everything off the bookshelves and rearranged, without about 20 books.  We took those and our original wicker 2 seat couch on the porch since 1989 to the South Auditorium for the Historical Society annual sale. We really squeaked in--everything was arranged and ready to go for the Saturday opening.

And I found restaurants menus; I must remember to date them when I pick them up. The Hotel Lakeside; The Patio; Cleats; Nagoya (Japanese restaurant our kids like); and Sloopy’s the local pizza joint. At 5 we left the grounds to drive to Sandusky to Sortino’s, an Italian restaurants our kids like. We each ordered something different, and brought half home to eat on Saturday evening.
Enjoying lasagna and fettuccini at Sortino's in Sandusky 
A few of the neighbors are rolling in—gates are open and charging for the week-end, but most come up to get their cottages ready. Two of our immediate neighbors died over the winter—they lived across the street from each since the 1970s, and died the same day, one in Florida and one in Ohio. Another neighbor is using her cottage for AirBnB, so we never know for sure who will be there.

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