Friday, May 12, 2017

Christians making tough decisions

California, and probably other states, has guidelines for teaching children gender issues in "health" classes, which include the current misinformation that biology changes. Parents can opt out, but not the teachers. I heard a middle school teacher on the radio who fears for her job because she cannot in good conscience violate her Christian beliefs. Not all persecution is having your church blown up or being kidnapped and sold into slavery.

It's not slavery, but in our culture and our century, Christians have to make choices about perpetuating and teaching lies to children. There are many forms of religious persecution. And perhaps Muslim men feel that not being able follow their beliefs about FGM because of U.S. laws is persecution. For some reason some feminists (from what I've seen on the internet) go along with that but deny our concerns about the bizarre transgender medical solutions to a mental condition which may involve removing penis and testicles or creating a penis and adding toxic hormones to the body of gender confused adults and children.

About 33 years ago there was a  part time librarian position available at OSU that fit my schedule needs--in Women's Studies. Although I was a liberal Democrat at the time, I was pro-life. I knew I could not reconcile my own values with the research needs of the library clients. I did not apply. God blessed the decision, however. Later in 1986 got the Veterinary Medicine full time position working with the greatest students in the country.

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