Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Prager University can undo years of misinformation in college

 Prager U videos are really great--they can teach in a few minutes what you won’t learn in a semester at a major university. In under 6 minutes, you can destroy years of academic misinformation with a Prager U video.

 What does Social Justice mean?  Basically, it’s redistribution of wealth.  That’s how the United Nations defines it. It’s a little like “Women’s Reproductive Health” is actually code for abortion anytime, for any reason. We need F.A. Hayek’s definition: he saw to the core of the issue--a pernicious philosophical claim to amass power for the state.  To the snowflake progressive, it means whatever they want it to mean.

Why do feminists persist with this oppression myth and the gender gap lie?  Because victims make better followers.  The need a base for their power position and interviews in the media and promotion in academe.  Most workplace pay gaps vanish if  you control all points, like part time work, or choosing a lower paying specialty like pediatrics instead of brain surgery.  And why wouldn’t greedy capitalists choose women employees over men if they can get them for less? Repudiate the victim myth, ladies. 

The Judeo-Christian culture has greatly elevated the role and status of women compared to other religions and regions of the world.  Women are commodities in the view of many Muslims.  Which value system do we want in the West? Ayaan Hirsi Ali, an author and activist, ponders the question why American feminists refuse to see what’s happening and won’t offer Muslim women the freedom they have in the West.  They excuse the inexcusable.

Oh my. How did the SJW let this slip by? Oklahoma is the Choctaw word for "red people." Maybe when they are finished destroying the history of a vanquished foe in city parks, they can hitch a ride west with their hate? If they keep going, eventually the SJW will have to dismantle the elementary schools and streets named Roosevelt, because FDR sent Italians, Germans and Japanese to camps and prisons in WWII. That's after they've destroyed all those elite universities founded by Christians like Yale, Harvard and Princeton.

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