Saturday, May 06, 2017

Health insurance lies

We had five government health care plans before Obama. Medicare, S-CHIP, Medicaid, VA and Indian. But Obama needed a legacy and that wasn't enough. He wanted everyone to have the level of health of the native Americans on reservations. About 13% of the citizens didn't have health insurance--they did have access. Some were young--didn't sign up for employer insurance (had a choice then). Some wouldn't bother to sign up for Medicaid. A lot were single men, unemployed--it was just too much trouble, going to ER was easier and cheaper. Some "refusniks" were so wealthy they didn't want insurance--paid cash and it was cheaper. Democrats designed it to infest every department and law of the government to make it virtually impossible to untangle (planned by ex-con Robert Creamer who also organized anti-Trump protests for Clinton). Now about half of those without insurance in 2009 do have health insurance but no doctors, no access, no hospitals and punishing costs. Will Democrats never get tired of whining about losing this disaster? Really, folks, the ignorance is appalling.

It's full court press on the lies. "According to a new POLITICO/Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health poll, Americans remain divided over how to move forward on healthcare." Not really. Anyone who's seen her rates and deductibles go sky high or had experienced his insurance carrier leaving the state or lost coverage during a serious illness wants something better than the federal government take-over of 1/5 of the economy with jail and fine threats and no competition to keep rates down. I see it on social media, on Fox, on broadcast--all lies. Democrat politicians continue to throw out scare tactics even though Obamacare was the worst thing in insurance we'd ever seen. So many lies. So many.


Anonymous said...

The more we see of this, the more we realize we need a single payer plan similar to Canada, GB, Australia, Germany, Italy, France, and most of the rest of the countries of the world. Cut out the insurance companies, and just spend all that money taking care of people. Having access is fake talk for come to the ER when you're sick enough and we'll take care of you. But don't plan on any preventive health care because you can't afford that.

Norma said...

We have 5 single payer plans, so that was always the goal of O-care. Make it so bad we'd beg for single payer.

janson mark said...

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