Thursday, May 11, 2017

Professor disciplined for not attending reeducation classes

I hope this guy has a go fund me page--I'll contribute. These "reeducation camps" are exactly what he said! I had to attend them (I was associate professor), but they never lasted 2 days! Don't ever think tenure protects you. They can take away your office, your grants, assign you to freshman classes (like playground duty in public school), remove funding for conferences and travel. These things have gotten worse--they are a cottage industry for the left. Sometimes it's a department within the institution, but they bring in visiting pooh bahs to mess with your mind who make their living doing this. This is another example of the fascist techniques of the left. They have nothing to contribute so they ramble on about race, genital interchangeability, and climate, but no plans jobs or taxes (except to increase them) or national security. A huge scam--and if you're sending a kid to college, the costs are all folded in.

  I remember one where the speaker's English was so bad no one could understand him. But we had to be there. I had an assistant once who refused to go to a workshop to build team work--he didn't want to eat with those people. I think he threatened to go to the ombudsman or union and my boss just let it slide. Me?  Hey, it was a free lunch to sit around the table and play with legos.

There is little diversity in academe--political, intellectual, or even curiosity. It's much worse than the 1990s. Yes, college faculty and administrations are way to the left. But so are the students. Women now outnumber men in higher education enrollments and they are much more likely to be liberals (41.1 % for women, 28.9% for men identify as liberal). And it begins before college, because these are freshmen. Warn your children. Have the "talk." They'll need more than condoms for protection. Of their minds and values. It's why they voted for Bernie, and real adults voted for Trump.

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