Saturday, May 20, 2017

Lionel Nation--he's addictive 
May 18, 2017 report

In my search for news since Fox has gone to the dark side, I found Lionel Nation.  The first YouTube I watched I thought maybe he had ADHD.  Couldn't seem to stay on topic, but now I see his method of sounding real and discussing the. . . well, he calls it Truth. In this report he discusses how Roger Ailes changed the face of news, then moves on to the dangers of a special prosecutor and how he may bring out more on Hillary Clinton and John Podesta (for which there is much more evidence of collusion with the Russians) because the charge includes "the election" not just Donald Trump. And as an aside he lists all the reasons not to go to Times Square in NYC. Also Maxine Waters.  WOW.  You can get whip lash, but his comments (when he stays on topic) are much more informative than the 30 seconds you get on cable TV.

I don't understand exactly how YouTube works, but I think this gets to his regular playlist.

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Norma said...

We had given up Glenn Beck when our subscription ran out last fall, but we may have to resubscribe just to have some news. We tired of his combination of free spirit religion and paranoia. The sky was always falling. But he's a great interviewer--usually steps aside and let's his guests speak--unlike Bill O'Reilly who always grabbed the spotlight. But listening to Glenn interview O'Reilly about Ailes you wonder which one tells the truth.