Tuesday, April 03, 2018

DACA, the Wall, and the Caravan

A wall won’t help much if the gangs and criminals come in legally, as they have been doing.  Remember the 2014 unaccompanied minors story?  Glenn Beck rounded up volunteers and money from his viewers to go to the border to help them.  I think churches rushed to help the poor “children” [received federal grants to feed and house and put them in schools]  who’d been sent on ahead by parents, or who were supposedly joining parents already here. With no ID or birth certificates, our ICE agents had to accept their word about their age.  I remember seeing some footage and just shaking my head at the idea these were children or teens. 

Ninety nine members of MS-13, a violent gang that recruits among Hispanic youth, have been arrested by ICE in the last 11 months.  They all were “unaccompanied minors” in that disastrous Obama program (I think it was legal, based on a loophole). 64 of the 99 had special “Immigrant Juvenile Status,” which as I understand it is a step toward legal immigrant status for those who have entered illegally.  Some had committed murder in their home countries. Obviously, given the crazy illegal immigrant laws and the bizarre sanctuary cities (and states) protecting them, a wall won’t mean much.

The current caravan that Trump is talking about in tweets is made up of central Americans, which Mexico allows to pass through but doesn’t want because they want only light skinned people, and are already sending its brown people north so they can send home billions in remittances. Mexico’s immigration laws are stricter than the U.S. So are Canada’s. After these caravans make it to the border and get a hearing for refugee status, they disappear into our population and rarely return for a hearing.  Another loophole—our immigration law about returns doesn’t apply to non-contiguous countries like Honduras and El Salvador—only Mexico and Canada.


I’ve read the “other side,” the Trump-hater, no borders side.  Essentially, they confirm all this, but with outrageous, ridiculous, paranoia.

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