Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Where is she now? Uncle Sam's step daughter.

I wonder what happened to Robert C. Waterbury's granddaughter who must now be about 24?

Waterbury wrote an opinion piece for the Wall Street Journal in August 1996 about his son--an industrious, hard-working young man who served more than 8 years in the Marines, but in civilian life he was working 2 full time jobs and had no health or life insurance, no pension or profit sharing plan, and survived week to week. His son had a daughter with his girl friend who had three other children.  However, she couldn't marry the younger Waterbury, because she was already married to Uncle Sam who provided money, food stamps, medical and dental treatment.  Legal marriage he wrote terminates welfare assistance, but absentee fathers and others may visit for purposes including sex.  If his son's girlfriend got a job the welfare system would penalize her by reducing her benefits.

So grandpa was wondering how he could help his granddaughter escape the welfare system.

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