Monday, April 02, 2018

From the Wall St. Journal—benefits to the Trump presidency

“Much of the media is too consumed with hatred of Donald Trump to appreciate that there may be some benefits to his presidency. But for good and for ill, so far he is largely keeping the promises on economic policy that he made as a candidate in 2016.

The Washington Post is in a rhetorical war with the President, but give the Post credit for noting that at this point in his presidency the rust-belt revival he promised appears to be underway:

As he ran for president, Donald Trump promised to lift up regions of the country that had been left behind by the economy. “I want to go into the neglected neighborhoods, the failing schools, the forgotten stretches of this nation, and unlock their potential for all of our people,” he said in September 2016.

The argument proved persuasive — many of the nation’s most economically distressed regions voted for Trump.

Now the early returns are in: In the first year of the Trump presidency, places that voted for Trump are doing better economically than at the end of the Obama administration... not only are these counties adding jobs, but also job growth has accelerated the most in counties where Trump earned the most votes, according to a Washington Post analysis of Labor Department data.

In other words, even if the counties that supported Trump most are still struggling relative to the rest of the country, they’ve experienced the largest reversal of fortune.”

Personally, I doubt that any president could succeed for long with the hatred being lobbed at Trump by the media and culture snobs.  The Democrat media would be more than happy to see the economy fail as long as they could blame Trump.

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