Wednesday, May 17, 2023

George Santos lied

George Santos is a Republican and a liar; his constituents didn't vet him. Shame on them and on him. George Santos lied about his college, his ethnicity and his bank account. He probably lies about what he had for dinner and his sexuality.

I invite you to look at his record and decide.

He didn't lie like Tony Fauci who destroyed so many careers and maybe lives;
he didn't lie like Hillary Clinton who still believes she won in 2016;
he's not on YouTube lying about Justice Thomas and Barack Obama both with his smile and sneers.

Adam Schiff tells more lies before breakfast than George Santos could repeat in a year;
James Comey should check his lies so he could embellish them more;
Santos' nose will never grow like Fancy Nancy's;
Harry Reid's lies where whoppers.

As we can look back in history,
let's remember all the lies the Democrats have given us in the last 150 years about
blacks and minorities and poor people,
gifting us the KKK,
Jim Crow,
the New Deal,
deed restrictions
faulty public housing and
bank red lining
while pointing the finger at the GOP.

George Santos has lied, he's a liar,
but he hasn't murdered millions of unborn;
he hasn't deliberately destroyed careers rather than debate the facts of biology and history;
he's never suggested sexually mutilating and sterilizing children;
he didn't lie about Afghanistan and
handing over billions of arms to the Taliban;
he didn't corrupt the FBI or
lie to the FISA Court;
he didn't demand that cities defund police;
he didn't promise millions to Haitian earthquake victims and then renege like the Clinton Foundation;
he didn't tell a hundred phony-baloney stories about his grandfather back in the old days;
he didn't call anyone dog-face pony soldiers;
he isn't this week trafficking thousands of women and children across the southern border for sex;
he doesn't fondle and sniff little girls in public;
or shower with his daughter.

George Santos has not lied for 6 years to the American voters about a candidate and president whom both parties feared because he knew the truth about government corruption, collusion and lies.

Yes, George Santos lied. Now we must stand up for the truth.

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