Thursday, May 04, 2023

Joe Biden and the neo-patriarchy

Joe Biden is a bad person. He particularly doesn't like women, adult or child, born or unborn, related to him or not. I'm not blowing the whistle or talking about his gibberish or hair sniffing (although others are on his criminal financial dealings). It's obvious by his behavior.
  • He pushes abortion, at any time for any reason all through the pregnancy.
  • He advocates mutilating underage girls so they can become part of the patriarchy and be sterile so they can't reproduce.
  • He endangers women by putting them in the hands of the cartels to bring them across the border for sex work.
  • He puts young women at risk by letting men invade their restrooms and locker rooms.
  • He doesn't recognize his own granddaughter, whose rights are currently in litigation.
  • He strips women athletes from grade school through college of their rights to win a race, a ribbon or scholarship so those awards can go to men in dresses and eye shadow, from swimming to discus to bike races.
  • Austin Killups was an over 25 loser who took up racing late; then decided he couldn't compete against men, so he took a few hormones to lower his testosterone (a rule) and beat the ladies in their bike race. Transgender cyclist Austin Killips sparks debate after winning UCI stage race (
Joe's OK with that. He hates women. From the tiniest and most helpless to the strongest (who don't want to be called names). 

 Get over him, ladies of the Democrats. Stop voting for Joe. Start standing up for yourselves. Fight the neo-patriarchal crimes and stick up for women.

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