Wednesday, May 24, 2023

The economy

All the numbers look good according to the pro-Biden reports. Except when corrected for inflation they are all underwater, from retail to manufacturing to investment capital to jobs. They still can't get the workers to return--it was too easy working in pajamas, or less. As the election cometh, so come the lies.

I haven't shopped Target for years. It went all out trans during the Obama administration around 2012 where all this started, beginning with making the Target restrooms unsafe for girls and women. Then Target began devoting a whole month to the rainbow, for 2% of the population, hacking a rainbow sent by God after the flood which they stole from Christians and Jews. Now they've got swimsuits in the women's department with a "tuck" feature for men, so men can frolic in the women's locker rooms and real women will be at risk of assault. What ever happened to all those brave ladies of "Me Too?" Never believe a man who says he's a woman. And if the woman has just discovered she was raped 20 years ago, don't believe her either. Especially if the perp is a politician or movie star or rock celebrity.

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