Saturday, May 06, 2006

2444 Word wizards wanted

Canadian gay couples are unhappy that they aren't listed as "husband and wife" in the latest census according to an item noted by Elizabeth Marquardt at her blog at Family Scholars.

A husband is a man and a wife is a woman and these words are embedded in our English collective memory, literature, holy books, music, indeed, the very fabric of our culture. I'm puzzled that a gay man would want to be called "wife." Or a lesbian, "husband." If gays want a permanent relationship recognized by society, let them invent a word that works for them and then try it out on the general public--sing about it, write about it, and use it among their friends. Someone invented all these ridiculous terms we use with computers, and we use them without thinking in less than a generation. Considering the bad press and scorn the feminists have dumped on the institution of marriage, homosexuals may even wish to stay away from words that describe specific roles. There are probably languages or dialects that have appropriate, meaningless words, which could be borrowed for the purpose of a census until something catches on.

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