Friday, July 06, 2007


This 'n That 'n Those

If you are a regular, you may have noticed that my e-mail address has changed to prontomail from medscape. It seems to be moving nicely and medscape will be forwarding for some time. I'd never heard of this mail service before. I was hoping to lose the spam, but it was forwarded, too. I finally got my OSU mailbox cleaned out--had about 1000 spam. Doesn't give me much faith in OSU's OIT.
    I'm loving being back to my regular coffee spot, Coffee and Cream, here at Lakeside. But while in Oregon I did visit Mudd Puddles (great lunches there too if you're tired of the Macedonian restaurants in the area) and Casey's. Last night I got the munchies and walked "downtown" to a little shop to get a bag of pretzels and heard someone call my name. Donna and Bob from Columbus were at the coffee shop having an ice cream. Donna and I had met in the park at home one day and I told her about Lakeside. They brought the grandchildren up, and they've had a fabulous week.
I've heard from a few classmates about my class reunion blog--still waiting for some more photos to post.
    Since I use a different computer at Lakeside, I'm not sure what I'll post for Family Friday--maybe something from last week. I thought I had a great photo of my brother and me, then realized it is on my niece's camera. She's getting some photos from cousin Margaret to scan and send to me while she's in Illinois.
The auditorium was packed last night for illusionists, The Spencers. I only stopped by for a few moments, but it must have been one of the most popular programs of the summer.
    Temperatures are supposed to get into the 90s today, so I walked early along the lakefront. Still listening to Guitar; and American Life by Tim Brookes. I see it is over 105 in Montana. My friend Carol may want to extend her stay in Illinois where it will only be in the mid-90s until it cools down out there.

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