Friday, July 27, 2007


Can you take a picture for us?

Sure, they said . . . and then they posed.

We don't know their names, but they are friendly neighbors, and then they took our photo.

My husband has cleaned out the basement--says all the dead spiders are gone (this will make my SIL happy who will be there next week and is not fond of them). Very few houses in Lakeside have basements--and that's definitely one of the negatives--spiders. He's had some glorious days of sailing--even went to East Harbor with S.O.S. (Society of Old Salts). He says the programming on Wednesday and Thursday was terrific. Our friends Dave (also an architect) and Pam from UALC came up for a few days and they got together. This was their first visit to lakeside. A print of one of my husband's watercolors of the miniature golf course was presented, matted and framed, to a donor at the program Wednesday evening. This was a big surprise and thrill.

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