Saturday, July 07, 2007


Why we have minimum wage jobs

A fella that helps me keep my html and css coding straight is Boogie Jack. If it's not right, don't blame him--I came to computers late in life. In his latest newsletter he reports this story from one of his readers:
    Recently at McDonald's I ordered a half-dozen Chicken McNuggets.

    "We don't have them by the half-dozen," said the teen counter-jockey.

    "You don't?" I questioned.

    "We only have six, nine, or twelve," he answered.

    "So I can't order a half dozen McNuggets, but I can order six?"


    So I ordered six McNuggets, whatcha gonna do?
Reminds me of the time I ordered a cup of 1/2 regular coffee, 1/2 decaf, and the clerk asked if I wanted the decaf on the top or the bottom.

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JAM said...

Wow. Both of those are awesome. I'll have to remember them. almost seems to be the punchlines to good jokes, but also sad that they were not joking.