Wednesday, September 26, 2007


As you contemplate the auto workers' strike

One of the things that reducing trade barriers has given us is more choices in auto makes and styles than 30 years ago; another is better prices for the consumer; another is better cars through competition. It also created full employment for ad writers. At the high end, the automakers, both home and foreign, do make some outrageous but often charming promises. The photos remind me of the angles of the agricultural breed magazines' prize milkers or bulls--lots of rear end shots.
    A car that listens to your every word. Jaguar S-R

    To other traffic, it's a brush-back pitch. Cadillac STS

    Let's always be open. Let's be pacifists on the roadway and pure evil on the race track. Cooper Mini

    The luxury vehicle that tows other luxury vehicles. Lincoln Mark LT

    Welcome to the luxury hybrid. Lexus

    Can you resist? Absolutely nothing in moderation. Jaguar XJ

    Designed for all weather conditions including good. Honda Acura RL

    It won't change the world. Just the way you look at it. Toyota Avalon

    Moving at the speed of surround sound. Honda Acura.

    Freedom isn't knowing your limits, but realizing you have none. Aston Martin

    You're so close to owning one, you can almost feel the g-forces. Porsche

    Sometimes fast isn't fast enough. Honda Acura

    Tell better stories. . . start living the kind of life that'll make your camcorder dizzy. Nisson Pathfinder

    It's all grown up. Drivers wanted. Jetta

    A luxury car designed to protect you from blending in. Saab

    Holds four keisters. Kicks all the rest. Mazda

    Rockets' red glare. Now in silver. Buick

    Always choose "dare." Toyota Matrix

    Take no prisoners. Well, no more than six. Cadillac SRX

    Take everything you know about design and nudge it. Push it. Simplify it. Modernize it. Liberate it. Nisson Infiniti

    However unwarranted, improvements were made. Land Rover

    Not every important decision is taken in the boardroom. Bentley

    Why some who own private jets prefer to drive. Maybach

    The sedan that will engage your soul. Maserati

    Power. Beauty. Soul. Aston Martin

    The LR3. Created for the One. Land Rover

    You don't buy a Bentley. You inherit. Bentley

    A dream car for the real world. Maserati

    Everything you love in a car plus more. Suburu

    Expedite the dream. Porsche

    Your wallet can thank me later. Honda

    You took the risks. Now reap the rewards. Bentley

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