Monday, October 22, 2007


Peggy Noonan on Mrs. Clinton's White House bid

Meow comes to mind.
    She doesn't have to prove she's a man; she has to prove she's a woman

    Her problem is not her sex; but to work, she has to seem like a woman

    No one doubts her ability to make war; she invented the war room

    She doesn't have to prove she's tough; she has to prove she isn't a bull dozer always in high gear

    No one has doubts about her toughness; many have qualms

    She has gone beyond her comfort zone in seeking to be "authentic"--how not to be herself

    The broad, fixed grin is the smile on the jack-o-lantern who knows the harvest is coming

    She's the tea bag that brings the boiling water with her

    The question is not whether America is ready for a woman president; it's whether it's ready for Hillary
I'm just saying . . .

From the week-end WSJ.


sallywrites said...

Meeow indeed! Well said Norma!

Norma said...

Peggy's a good writer, and although I don't like Hillary, it did seem a bit catty. However, Noonan also doesn't like George Bush, although she used to be a supporter, and she's not been kind to him either.