Monday, October 29, 2007


See Hillary Run

Last week I saw something about the election that stated about 45% of the voters will line up for the Republican candidate no matter who he is just because it's their party. Same with Democrats. That means everyone is going after the currently undecided, or the so-called moderates and independents--or maybe 6% of the voters will decide whether Mrs. Clinton returns to the White House. If you aren't registered to vote, or you sometimes don't bother to go to the polls, you'd better start thinking in that direction. Obama has nothing to offer--especially not African-Americans (have you ever seen the photos of his supporters--they're whiter than my suburb); Edwards is coming across as a whiny rich kid-lawyer with good hair. Mrs. Clinton has the money, her husband's base, and gaggles of feminists clucking and ducking. Never thought I'd say how good Al Gore is looking these days. Whatever few successes the Clintons had during their 8 years, he was behind a lot of them, and then they stabbed him in the back when it was his turn.


JAM said...

First, I have to say I'm thinking of taking a speed reading course just so I can keep up with your posts.

Second, the Clintons are a machine. No doubt about it. I've heard various talking heads act unworried and then state that Hillary Clinton is unelectable.

That's a scary thing to think that people are complacent enough to actually believe that.

As you make plain here, the election hinges on a few moderates. She could indeed easily win.

ChupieandJ'smama (Janeen) said...

So far I'm disapointed with what the Repulicans have given us, but both Hilary and especially Barak scares the bejesus out of me. The Repulicans need a new schtick if they are going to get that 6%.

Norma said...

Sign up for Mike Huckabee's newsletter just to see if you think he has something to say. Or one of the others. All we hear about is Rudy.