Wednesday, July 20, 2011

It's just too darn hot

Ella Fitzgerald sang that, and probably the lyrics are too racy to post, so I won't.

I walked for 10 minutes at 7:30 and at 8:45 went out for another 20 minutes. I stepped aside for the joggers, not out of respect because truly I think they are crazy, but because I didn't want to be splatter with sweat!

It's in the 90's here in Columbus with a heat index over 100, but there has been plenty of rain. That keeps things lush and green, but a bit like being in a steam bath. The Nationwide PGA tournament is going on across the street--I think it would be awfully hot on the golf course. Lots of trucks, toilets and traffic for tournaments this big.

Yesterday on my way to get my hair cut I was driving along Rt. 33 and noticed a change in the road crews from 2 or 3 years ago. Remember all those jobs Americans wouldn't do at 4.5% unemployment? At 9.2% they are doing them quite nicely. The crews are older, lighter and taller. (Although I wish they'd wear safety goggles when using tree chippers.) There could be two things happening: Mexican workers have gone home, or even the state is checking for illegal documents and complying with the law.

Didn't see any women. During the blush years of the feminism of the 70s, you saw women trying everything from carpentry to road work to truck deliveries. If they stayed with it, they probably got promoted to a desk job, and younger women decided they'd try something cooler and more attractive even if the pay and perks weren't that great.

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