Tuesday, August 02, 2011

We're hanging Christmas lights

We've never participated in the Light up Lakeside week-end, but this year bought several strings of lights. My husband is on the roof seeing if he can make this work. I don't think they'll do much lighting up, but it's our first try. Maybe they'll look better at night. I passed a cottage on my morning walk that had created two American flags on their hedge out of decorative lights and chicken wire.

Met a man at the coffee shop with a nice fawn colored short legged dog this morning. "A corgi?" I asked. "Yes," and then he told me they'd found her at the Humane Society a few weeks ago, they thought she was about 3 years old, and she was a wonderful pet, already one of the family. I don't know much about the breed except they are Queen
Elizabeth's favorite. This one didn't have a distinctive white collar, but she had a beautiful face and eyed me a bit suspiciously like she should be protecting her newly found savior.

Farmer's Market was in really good shape today. I bought collard greens, onions, beautiful tomatoes, green beans, and small potatoes. Earlier in the season there wasn't much, and last Friday it rained so hard that there were only two vendors.

Walking to the little store this morning I passed a really cute wicker rocker in a drive-way for sale for $55, so I bought it. I now have my side chair wicker in my drive-way for $30. Switched the cushions. This one could use some paint touch up, but right now it's too hot.

I stopped at the community hoe-down last night, which is sort of country dancing in the street. Lots of fun to watch people from 3 years old to 80 dancing together. There was a live band--3 women and 2 men. Everyone got a bandana and dessert and soft drink.

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