Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Where is Obama's beer summit on the race riots of 2011

In 2009, the President got off on the wrong foot with most thinking, law abiding Americans by sticking his nose into a Boston local law enforcement issue--Professor Gates being mistaken for a burglar while breaking into his own home. He was reported to the police by a neighbor who didn't know him. His handlers tried to repair his butinski image by the famous beer summit.

Now there have been "flash mob" riots in a number of large cities, and many have been created by black youth using cell phones and social media. These are not poverty or "race" riots; the people are gleeful and having a great time, but they are also intimidating law abiding citizens and other young people--especially if they are white. The President has decided he will be silent on this generation that has been subsidized with food stamps, rent subsidies, Earned income tax credits, two meals a day plus snacks at school, WIC (and about 25 other food and nutrition programs), Medicaid plus free treatment at any ER and endless jobs programs. I seriously doubt that any of these young men (although there were a few women chasing them) grew up with married parents, or ever held a job that wasn't subsidized by the government.

Many in the media are ignoring the racial aspect of these riots and only showing photos of the police, not the rioters, or they are attributing the problem to "social media." It's like SUVs being blamed for accidents instead of the driver. The media will consistently report on the racial profile of a peaceful gathering of the Tea Party, but almost never if a roving band of young blacks break into and loot a department store, or disrupt a state fair.

This obvious media blindness is fodder for the white supremist web sites--you can find them by googling "flash mob riots."

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