Thursday, November 08, 2012

How are they getting around Obamacare?

“Americans are already finding ways around Obamacare. The M.D. VIP program offers individuals unfettered access to a network of doctors with limited numbers of patients for around $1500/year. That is certainly less than the cost of Obamacare. I believe we will see a bifurcated healthcare system that still offers choice, because the best doctors prefer to work in programs like M.D. VIP. And the states that refuse to implement the Obamacare Medicaid provisions will be where the businesses go. The intransigent states like California, Illinois, and New York will continue to bleed companies and middle-class voters, leaving only the very rich and people who are addicted to entitlements. Ultimately, the law will be chipped away or ignored because it is poorly written.”  Mark Macina

Oh, and good luck finding a doctor if you’re about to sign up for Medicare.  Doctors are choosing to retire rather than get stuck with the abominable electronic record system required especially if they have small offices. This was just a boon to IT lobbyists, since no one can even guess if it will improve care, and it certainly won’t lower costs.  Others just won’t take Medicare—payment reimbursement is too low.

Note to trolls:  please pay attention to quotation marks. That means it is someone else’s work.


Anonymous said...


Do you think those who are losing their healthcare under Obama care would pay cash for ultrasound exams that are priced much lower than normal?

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Norma said...

I'm not sure what normal is, because no one knows the cost of anything, but I'm guessing Yes.