Saturday, February 23, 2013

Where are the sad faces, outrage and body count for Obama’s wars?

At it again: our peace prize prez. "President Obama announced Friday that about 100 U.S. troops have been deployed to the West African country of Niger, where defense officials said they are setting up a drone base to spy on al-Qaeda fighters in the Sahara." [Washington Post]

In 2011 he sent troops to Uganda. In 2012, Mali. Somalia. Tunisia. Pakistan. Then with the Benghazi bumble we found out he was gun running tons of weapons to Syrian rebels. He sent back up troops to Jordan and Turkey for the Syrian Civil War.  Who has approved this? Certainly not Congress.

Remember how outraged Democrats were when Bush got Congressional approval for a war, named that or not, because of WMD intel from the Clinton years?

Remember how the press was right on top of every coffin or body bag that came home during the Bush years? Obama lost 2,000 American military in Afghanistan in 2.5 years; Bush 2,000 in 6 years. Where are the sad faces and sighs from the MSM reporters and Sunday panels?

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