Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Why these sell is beyond me


Torn, faded jeans with platform high heels on an anorexic model.

But that’s the fashion and they do sell.  I guess it is because most of the fashion designers are gay men who prefer the form of  young boys.  So why do women fall for this?  If there is anything worse than the baggy look of a few years back, it’s the “back in skinny jeans” look that have Gen-Xers yearning for the body of their middle school days.


And it’s suggested you are homophobic if you notice!


And men’s fashion too has to look like it’s for young boys. “Media trends are created by famous designer labels which have been managed by homosexual men for decades, and for several years they have been using stick-thin male models.”


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Anonymous said...

I was going to say who wears this, but yesterday I did see a woman about 6' tall, 1/2 legs, who at least wasn't an embarrassment.