Thursday, February 28, 2013

Trayvon v. Olijawon

The media decided the death of Trayvon Martin, a black teen, a story worthy to be trumpeted across the nation as race hatred because the man who killed him in FL was, they thought, white (actually he was Hispanic).  But when black teen Olijawon Griffin was robbed of his jacket and phone by nine other black teens and then stabbed to death when he tried to get it back in DC, it only made a blip on the local news there.  Black on black crime just doesn't sell or get the journalism award. (He had a FB page—I looked at his football and h.s. graduation photos).

When his mom, Lunette Griffin, wept and went to court, it didn't make the news in Columbus or LA or the cable news channels like when Trayvon's parents did.  The president didn't expand on or stir up racial tensions with the story and say Olijawon could have been his son.  The one year anniversary of Olijawon's death in November will not be observed except by family and friends. Trayvon's mom is  interviewed on gun violence. No one will interview Lunette about knives or gangs of teens who roam the streets of DC.  Why?  It would meet no political agenda for the President or the media. Black teens robbing and killing a black teenager with a knife will not set any racial fires smoldering or pass any new gun laws.


Anonymous said...

Murray sez:
It isn't important if Obama can't make use of it to further his agenda. That being said, the MSM won't report just any old news unless it supports Obama's objective. Everybody knows that but the Republicans remain silent. It's time they quit the "Political Correctness" crap. This is war!!!

Norma said...

I often read the Washington Post on line. Moving to "local news," you find some really awful crimes, not always using guns. WaPo is careful not to mention race, but when the name is googled for image, you can find out, and also you find additional information in local suburban editions. The good news is there has been a dramatic drop in violent crime in the last 20 years. Probably reflects an aging population and better police work.