Monday, February 18, 2013

Minimum wage increases always hurt teens (Monday Memories)


Years ago (I was about 42 I think) I went to work in a local book store.  I knew nothing about selling books, but wanted part time work so I could be at home when the kids were out of school.  I never was able to figure out the cash register (very early computer style) or all the special promotions/gift cards/coupons.  It killed me to tear off covers and put books in the dumpster.  I hid pornography in the basement.  But because I had a master’s degree in library science, the manager put my salary at twenty five cents above minimum wage.  Truly, I wasn’t worth even that. Businesses that hire beginners like me are doing an act of service.   I made so many mistakes, it is embarrassing to remember.  However, I learned a lot, and it convinced me I really did need to work for the state.  The free market, especially the corporate world (was a chain), was not for me.

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