Sunday, August 03, 2014

Home from the book sale

Today was the Lakeside Women's Club book sale, and I found a signed, first edition book of poetry and sketches by a well known local artist, Ben Richmond, "Time Passages" for 50 cents. With just a bit of artistic license I changed a few words of this poem, hope he doesn’t mind:

Yes. . .it’s truly on days
Like this day
That I wish I were
Still just a papergirl . . .
Back in Forreston, Illinois.

Where my only problems
Were thick papers,
Rain, a few mean dogs,
A couple of grouchy people
And porches I couldn’t
Hit from the sidewalk.

(Ben was a paperboy in Columbus, Ohio, but you get the idea.)

Other purchases, Noah’s compass by Anne Tyler, Great Lakes Lighthouses Encyclopedia, two No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency novels, The story of the Bahamas, by Paul Albury and a Spanish workbook.

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