Saturday, August 30, 2014

Michael Brown’s juvenile record leaked

This is why there needs to be a complete investigation instead of rioters demanding the death of a policeman and Eric Holder showing up. 1) The store security cam showing Brown roughing up the owner after stealing; 2) eyewitnesses who claim Brown struggled with the policeman; 3) autopsy report not what witnesses claimed; 4) a juvenile record that suggests he wasn't a gentle giant. Leaks and rumors won't cut it.


Anonymous said...

the kid had his act together and was promising but now also dead he is not around to tell what really happen...and case for justified killing just grows. another meaningless death no matter what one says or believes no do overs here he isn't just a little dead

Norma said...

Use of force is always investigated, death or not. That's why I believe before calling the policeman a murderer and asking for his death in retribution, there needs to be an investigation. Rioting and looting were not a good response.