Monday, August 18, 2014

Monday Memories of visiting grandparents on Sunday

I lifted this memory from another blog I wrote 10 years ago on the subject of cartooning.  I wandered a bit off topic, so thought this was worth another look.

“When visiting my father's parents in Mt. Morris, Illinois, we cousins could walk to The Lamb, the town movie theater, to get away from the boring adult conversation. However, when visiting my maternal grandparents, who lived on a farm near Franklin Grove, entertainment was a bit more old fashioned--playing in the out buildings, climbing trees, creating villages with a box of wooden blocks, playing the card game "Authors," or looking through dusty, old books. Not a bad way to spend a boring Sunday afternoon.

When my own family visited that same farm house, about a decade after my grandparents were gone and my mother had converted the house to a retreat center for church groups and family reunions, my children entertained themselves with the same activities (no TV). They would reach for a favorite book which was a compilation of cartoons from the late 19th century through the 1940s, Cartoon Cavalcade. It was most likely a People's Book Club selection (like Book of the Month but through Sears). It was my mother's book, and I had spent many hours browsing it when I was little. Many of her books migrated to the farm house to provide just such entertainment for quiet week-ends.

Item image

Someone in the family has this book, but I don’t recall who.

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