Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The double standards over Israel

“Why are Western liberals always more offended by Israeli militarism than by any other kind of militarism? It’s extraordinary. France can invade Mali and there won’t be loud, rowdy protests by peaceniks in Paris. David Cameron, backed by a whopping 557 members of parliament, can order airstrikes on Libya and British leftists won’t give over their Twitterfeeds to publishing gruesome pics of the Libyan civilians killed as a consequence. President Obama can resume his drone attacks in Pakistan, killing 13 people in one strike last month, and Washington won’t be besieged by angry anti-war folk demanding ‘Hands off Pakistan’. But the minute Israel fires a rocket into Gaza, the second Israeli politicians say they’re at war again with Hamas, radicals in all these Western nations will take to the streets, wave hyperbolic placards, fulminate on Twitter, publish pictures of dead Palestinian children, publish the names and ages of everyone ‘MURDERED BY ISRAEL’, and generally scream about Israeli ‘bloodletting’. (When the West bombs another country, it’s ‘war’; when Israel does it, it’s ‘bloodletting’.)”


JAM said...

I have never seen a group of people cut their noses off to spite their faces like the Palestinians.

NO Palestinian "leader" has ever been willing to state aloud that the nation of Israel has a right to exist. If you are arguing with a group of people whose ultimate goal is the destruction of your country and the death of all Jews, I don't see how you can even consider peace talks.

And as long as the Palestinian people set up rocket launchers in school grounds, apartment buildings and near hospitals for the express purpose of getting innocents killed to help their PR machine manufacture some world-wide outrage, they deserve no peace.

My $0.02

Norma said...

Nice to see you back in circulation, JAM.