Wednesday, August 06, 2014

This week at Lakeside—7th week

Had a great bird walk this morning at Lakeside Chautauqua led by Judy Sudomir who teaches environmental science at ?? college, and her father-in-law, Bill. Most of our purple martins have already left for Brazil, but we saw many congregating and regrouping from other areas. Next Wednesday we are going to Magee Marsh to see bird banding, and I think we'll be caravanning from the parking lot around 8:30 if you are interested. Here’s a nice blog by a Canadian who birded at Magee and saw 23 warblers.

Although I'm not a member of the Women's Club at Lakeside,  I do appreciate their programs, and yesterday enjoyed the presentation by Benjamin Lloyd, composer and former second violinist with the Lakeside Symphony Orchestra. I'd seen him for years on stage, and it was fascinating to hear him explain how he has written the 4th movement of his Second Symphony (Life). The main theme is "I choose to live" and with computer software that probably only musicians understand, he showed us how the theme is transcribed into symphonic form. He also does classical music commissions for special events like weddings and anniversaries.

I've never been particularly crazy about the Carpenters music, but loved the retrospective by Helen Welch last night at Hoover Auditorium. I'd forgotten how great some of those songs were and really appreciated how she explained each one.

The wind was brisk this morning on the bird walk, and now my throat is scratchy.  ;-(

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