Thursday, August 07, 2014

We are stewards of God’s creation

On the one hand, I think we’ve made wonderful progress, using the old term,  on environmentalism.  We started vacationing on Lake Erie in 1974, and it was just beginning to turn around. Automobiles—huge improvement, as also appliances. Many of these changes have come about because of pressure groups and modest increment in government regulations.  However, climate change/global warming are a different animal.  They are primarily a dislike for modern society, and a longing for a purity in the past that never really existed (usually we think conservatives live in the past, but on this it is the opposing team). The EPA regulations are increasingly economy killers.  And also harmful to the environment.  Burning corn to fuel autos is not only bad for the environment, but causes deforestation in South America, hunger in other parts of the world and air pollution.  This is not a current administration problem, I think it was Bush’s EPA, or maybe Clinton (these things start small and grow). Certain groups see global weather changes every where and use it as an excuse to stop economic growth. There’s not been much change in the last 2 decades, and they see that as evidence of change!  Most scary to me is the reported solar flares of 2012 which could have destroyed our civilization as we know it because we’re so dependent on technology, and no one could have done a thing about it. Earth missed the solar storm by one week.  Whew.  That was close. Someone must have been praying—was it you?  Maybe God decided we needed another chance. As a Christian I see the whole climate change/earth worship as a desire to feel some control in an increasingly senseless world; others see it as a take over by a one world government. Here’s a link to our near miss.

There's been no warming for over a decade. Could be another long cold spell. We could be heading for another 17th century cold spell. But this time we have technology on our side. Assuming some government power broker doesn't kill it.

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