Thursday, August 14, 2014

Our new old couch for the cottage

We bought our 2nd home in Lakeside, Ohio (Lakeside Chautauqua) in 1988.  On the first walk through we said we’d definitely get rid of the couch which was probably about my age, sagging, and very heavy (had a pull out innerspring mattress). Well, we’ve finally done that, after 25 years!  We brought up our family room couch, purchased in 1993, which has all the colors of our cottage.  And I use the term “we” loosely, since my husband and son loaded it into my van in Columbus, and a neighbor helped unload it with a friend of his and helped my husband get it to the dump. It looks very nice, and isn’t as oversized as we thought.  In fact, it’s about 5 inches less deep.  Because it is a lighter color, the room looks larger.  Now then, at home the living room couch will go to the family room/office and we’ll have to shop for a new couch.


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