Thursday, December 29, 2016

Death with dignity gears up to take Ohio

So you were OK with aborting your kids' siblings in the name of "choice," or your career, and now they'll return the favor with "death with dignity" legislation and lies when you're old and just too much trouble to take care of. This is a heads up that the pro-life community is looking out for you just as we did the unborn.

“It is a sad truth that after more than two generations of telling parents that they have the right to choose if their children live or die, it is children who are advocating for their parents, spouses, and selves a right to death. Six states (Oregon, Montana, California, Colorado, Vermont, and Washington), along with Washington DC have legal assisted suicide laws. Colorado proponents raised nearly $5 million for the ballot issue adopted in November of 2016, which won by a 2 - 1 margin. Even as European proponents reconsider their support for the laws, the US continues to push forward and expand assisted suicide. Every indication is that Ohio is next. 

An Ohio-based “death with dignity” organization secured its nonprofit designation with the IRS in just one week last April; the group has organized speaking tours, media “educational” seminars; it is hosting events with major medical facilities; and it has identified lawmakers to introduce legislation in early 2017.” Fall 2016 newsletter, Greater Columbus Right to Life.

And notice how quickly the Ohio group got its IRS status--there are still conservative groups waiting after the last IRS scandal and Obama's election. The same administration that funnels money to Planned Parenthood supports removing mom at the other end.

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