Friday, December 16, 2016

Rosaria Butterfield's trainwreck conversion

Although I have read articles by Rosaria Butterfield I have never heard her speak.  This is a wonderful testimony, but only intended for Christians, or Christians who have wandered from the faith and are investigating the truth of Jesus and what he offers. It’s erudite--she’s a scholar and was professor of English. She attended Ohio State University! I love her way with words, her humor, and her analysis.  Through friendship, kindness and deep study of the scripture, she finds the Jesus of the Bible.  She fought, but Jesus won.
When I became a Christian, I had to change everything—my life, my friends, my writing, my teaching, my advising, my clothes, my speech, my thoughts. I was tenured to a field that I could no longer work in. I was the faculty advisor to all of the gay and lesbian and feminist groups on campus. I was writing a book that I no longer believed in. And, I was scheduled in a few months to give the incoming address to all of Syracuse University’s graduate students.  (longer version of conversion story)

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