Saturday, December 03, 2016

How I missed it in 2008

I didn't vote for Barack Obama in 2008, but there were two things I thought were positive about the choice other Americans had made; I thought finally we could put that nasty racist label behind us, and I also liked his positive family image for young men in our society who've eschewed marriage as a viable lifestyle. Then by 2012, I'd wised up. Race relations were far worse, and marriage was redefined and a political issue. I neglected to realize in 2008 that the anti-Americanism that had infected our campuses and celebrity culture was the air he breathed his whole life and it would not stop just because a bi-racial liberal with a handsome family was living in the White House. Gen-X and millennials had been learning for years the U.S. was a country of prejudice and class domination, founded on violence and theft from Indians, a population of victims.
No. Racism was ramped up during the Obama years.  Not by whites, although that did happen, but by the professional racialists, multiculturalists, inclusion and diversity mavens who were now left with nothing to accomplish. No federal grants if the trouble and bad feelings were resolved. They were down for the struggle, but not the success. So they increased the reparations talk, challenged even the most sensible voter protections, lied about the white on black crimes, especially by police, and expanded the victimhood blanket to cover all manner of differences, including a fraction of the 1% who are gender confused and called it "civil rights." 
Instead of working together as Obama had promised during his campaign (by the way, Hillary also won that popular vote in 2008), he decided to poke Christians in the eye, especially Catholics, by announcing programs and executive orders on their college campuses which were in violation of church teaching. He celebrated Planned Parenthood. He took on the police because they responded to a call about a house break-in, and the perp turned out to be the black owner who had forgotten his key. 
He created the most massive social program in our history by taking over 1/5 of the economy with empty promises and no votes from Republicans. He called the murder of soldiers on a U.S. military base by a Muslim officer  "work place violence." He whined to his friends in media and blamed President Bush or the American people for everything he couldn't do. The war in Iraq was virtually over at the end of 2008 and Afghanistan had been quiet for years, yet he foolishly decided to not follow recommendations on how to keep it that way, and midwifed ISIS with his Secretary of State in 2014. Criticizing the climate mafia or eating a chicken sandwich virtually became a hate crime, and bathrooms became an issue.
So now it's payback. There's a new sheriff in town much to the surprise of most of us, especially those who didn't vote.  Now Obama's followers are frighteningly angry and filled with rage, proving why we have the Electoral College and not mob rule. He stirred a hornet's nest, but his surrogates in the news media and social media who are getting stung are blaming racism, homophobia, xenophobia, misogyny, yada yada, and any other words they can spit in frustration.

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