Wednesday, December 14, 2016

So now they say it was a typo in Podesta's e-mail

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Tucker Carlson of Fox (opinion show, not news show) interviewed a Democrat (forgotten his name) last night who commented on how damaging the leaked e-mails of Podesta were to the Clinton campaign. He had been a Bernie supporter and was really mad at the DNC for its deceptive practices fixing the primaries. Then Carlson asked him whom he voted for: Hillary.

 It isn't the Russians damaging our system, it is the Democrats/Clinton campaign trying to change the results. They are trying to get Electors to be "faithless." Ballots weren't changed; machines weren't tampered with. People found out the truth and used it. But did loyalists change their minds or just lose respect for the DNC? Finding out that Podesta and staff were ridiculing opponents and fellow Democrats didn't change my vote--or any Democrats I know. 
Last March, Podesta received an email purportedly from Google saying hackers had tried to infiltrate his Gmail account. When an aide emailed the campaign’s IT staff to ask if the notice was real, Clinton campaign aide Charles Delavan replied that it was “a legitimate email" and that Podesta should “change his password immediately.”

Instead of telling the aide that the email was a threat and that a good response would be to change his password directly through Google’s website, he had inadvertently told the aide to click on the fraudulent email and give the attackers access to the account.

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