Saturday, December 17, 2016

Posting on Putin

The MSM (Washington Post, New York Times, LA Times, ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, etc.) plus all the leftist social media like Vox, HuffPo, Daily Beast are admitting that all the negative publicity they put out on Trump after he won the Republican primaries was no match for the truth about the Clinton campaign leaked by Wikileaks.

Putin must be feeling really powerful. He tips the scale of the civil war in Syria after Obama opts out, and causes chaos among millions of unhappy American Democrat voters creating a panic about the next president. A leak of Podesta's e-mails told Democrats what was going on in that party. A G-mail account . And Putin gets the credit for their dishonesty and duplicity.

Much of the anti-Putin, anti-Russia news slant is recent. Most Americans are not on social media and many don't trust the MSM or this administration to report accurately. So I'm not surprised when we hear/read that a survey (fake news?) showed Putin rated high with Republicans (it's still a minus number but has come up). And why not? For over a decade liberals told how wonderful the Russians were, they were our allies, good source of new businesses etc. , churches were op...en and growing. And before that liberals loved the Soviets. President Bush said he looked in Putin's eyes and saw his soul, or something like that. Hillary Clinton as Sec. State was very chummy offered a reset button for them to play with and Obama promised off mic that after the 2012 election he could be even more friendly (obviously another promise broken). 

The Russians haven't bombed any nightclubs or Christmas parties, they haven't been cozy with Cuba since the 90s, so where would Americans get a negative view if not from this administration--and many of us hit mute when Obama takes the platform for disinformation? As Democrats began blaming Putin for their own failures (Podesta's e-mails), Republicans' view of him went up. Even the recent Aleppo news strongly condemning and blaming Russia is a little strange, since this administration helped create the chaos in Syria. As one Russian reporter pointed out, there hasn't been a single day of peace since Obama took office.

 Watched an analysis (don't know her name) on Fox today of Obama's presser yesterday criticizing the media for their negative coverage of Clinton during the campaign. I guess seconds or a minute about her e-mails was just too much. She said there wasn't enough soap in the world to scrub the brown off their noses. I thought that was pretty good.

 Huma Abedin's e-mails on her husband's laptop weren't hacked--the FBI found them when looking for sex crimes of her husband. I personally think that was very negative publicity--but certainly not from Putin.
FBI investigation of the Clinton Foundation is still on-going. Was the FBI being manipulated by Putin?

One of the strangest things I heard in Obama's press conference yesterday was that he'd warned Putin personally in September not to interfere with our election. There would be consequences. If he believes Putin did it, why would he admit to one more failure?

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