Friday, December 16, 2016

On destabilizing the Trump presidency

Mike Huckabee: "So far, liberals have blamed Hillary Clinton’s loss on racism, sexism, xenophobia, James Comey, fake news, hacked voting machines and a Russian conspiracy (To quote Graham Parker, “Is this a Russian conspiracy, or is it just idiocy?”) Before they take a cue from “South Park” and blame Canada, they need to read this exhaustive report from Politico, hardly a right-wing source. It details how Hillary blew the race in Michigan and hence the election (and $1.2 billion of donors’ money) all by herself, because she was a terrible candidate who surrounded herself with bad advisors and ran an incompetent campaign.

Her supporters can’t seem to fathom that when you nominate a candidate most Americans distrust; who piously preaches “public service” while getting wealthy off government connections; who told her core voters that she planned to put them out of work; who poured money into states she had no chance of winning while ignoring states she needed to win; who insulted millions of Americans and spent most of her speeches denigrating her opponent; who seemed, as one Ohio Democrat put it, to care more about transgender bathrooms than whether blue collar workers had jobs; and who was under FBI investigation for mishandling classified information – and whose excuse was that she wasn’t intentionally criminal, just incompetent – then she might legitimately lose."

From Politico
"Politico spoke to a dozen officials working on or with Clinton’s Michigan campaign, and more than a dozen scattered among other battleground states, her Brooklyn headquarters and in Washington who describe an ongoing fight about campaign tactics, an inability to get top leadership to change course."

I don't think it's exactly accurate to point out all the ways Hillary failed the voters--she obviously succeeded with more voters than Trump did. His handlers were smarter than hers and were able to plug in where it mattered.

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