Monday, March 13, 2017

The albums of Haiti mission--Monday Memories

We've been trying to look at our albums (about 70 of them) each evening. We aren't using any particular order, so we chose Haiti for Sunday evening. Bob has been volunteering in Haiti for 10 years with a team from our church, Upper Arlington Lutheran Church. One of our pastors, Dave Mann and his wife Pam, were missionaries there for about decade, and are now back in Columbus working at our church with the large international community in Columbus. Huges Bastien is the director of the school, Institution Univers. In recent years the team has been getting smaller as attention to other destinations grows, so it's doubtful they will go this year, at least not in the spring.  The team is still looking at the possibility of a fall trip if you are interested.  Ten years of service means we have a lot of photo albums about Haiti, and we looked at 2007 and 2009. Two of the 2009 graduates, Zeke and Frandy, came to Akron to live and study after graduation, and visited with us twice, in our Lakeside home, and at Christmas that year. Six graduates of the school who went on to get college degrees have returned to work at the school. There are now 2,600 students at Univers, and each year they have to turn down applicants.  COCINA raises money to support the school and students.

Zeke and Frandy at Lakeside in 2009

Pam Mann and Huges Bastien, director of Institution Univers

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