Thursday, March 09, 2017

President Obama called slaves immigrants--in 11 speeches at least

Bob Beckel (Fox) said Dr. Carson and President Obama did NOT say the same thing at all because Obama used the word "involuntary" in the clip being circulated and Carson didn't. Dense and Denser. What does he think the word slaves means? Obama used this example of slaves as immigrants eleven times, according to someone (not me) who researched it.
"We say it so often, we sometimes forget what it means — we are a nation of immigrants. Unless you... are one of the first Americans, a Native American, we are all descended from folks who came from someplace else — whether they arrived on the Mayflower or on a slave ship, whether they came through Ellis Island or crossed the Rio Grande."(Barack Obama, 2012)
 He linked crossing the Rio Grande, arriving at Ellis Island, and coming on slave ships 10 times as a shared heritage, (I only saw the Mayflower used once) leaving out my ancestors who came in the 17th and 18th centuries.
If it weren't for double standards Democrats would have no standards at all.  

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