Friday, March 31, 2017

Center for Medical Progress and the leftist value system

The same friends and acquaintances who are anti-Trump are also pro-abortion and doing the happy dance that the journalists at Center for Medical Progress have had more charges filed against them. These journalists are the people who recorded in a public place staffers of Planned Parenthood discussing how to do abortions so that the tissue is in good shape for sale to medical labs. This reminds me of the Hawaiian judge claiming the travel orders for seven countries designated by Obama as not being able to properly vet and from which they've never had an immigrant is hurting Hawaii. Politics. Follow the money. Have any of the animal rights journalists who filmed undercover about animal cruelty in labs or slaughter houses ever gone to jail? Are animals that much more protected in our culture than babies? Or what about the undercover writers who go to work in blue or pink collar jobs so they can smear an entire industry like mining or waitressing while raking in the money for their latest book? The left loves those guys. Different ox.

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