Monday, January 08, 2018

Golden Globes 2018

Hollywood (film, TV, indies) told us that adultery was exciting and OK, that religious values were out of date and stuffy, that marriage was a waste of good sex, that divorce was the answer for a less than ideal relationship, that having children would interfere with a woman's career, that the pill was always available, that abortion was a cause for sympathy not reproach, that same sex marriage was just about loving someone, and that transgenderism was actually possible for anyone who felt like joining the sports team or using a different locker room at school.

So now the #metoo movement has brought the chickens home to roost. Women have been objectified, nullified, pacified and ridiculed for 80 years in this industry which has changed our culture at home and abroad. So the same industry that led the culture down this dark, murky road is saying No More? I think it's a little late to return to Mayberry (TV sitcom, Andy Griffith, 1960) or ring the Bells of St. Mary's (movie, Bing Crosby, 1945)




I totally agree with you! Most Hollywood movies, TV series or even adult movies objectify women. That's why I don't like American' culture.

Ironically, I need to learn English by watching American TV shows. (But now I only watch "modern family“.)

I'm from Taiwan. I've been taught to respect women, no sex before getting marriage. It sounds ridiculous nowadays, but it's truth. Especially I'm a loyal Buddhist.

Anyway, I like reading your blog :D

Norma said...

Thank you, Jay. Your English is outstanding. Happy to contribute to your learning. My roommate in college was Chinese, and I used to attend the Chinese Student Club (at the University of Illinois) and they were so patient with my learning a few phrases.


thanks for your compliment, still working on it. :D

so do you speak chinese?

and are you Mr. Norma or Miss Norma? sorry for asking this, but i really don't know :)

Norma said...

She was Shanghainese, so that's what I learned, but have forgotten everything.

Norma is a woman's name; the male name would be Norman. And I am Mrs. It is not common, but was not uncommon when I was born. If you know who Marilyn Monroe (movie star) is, her real name was Norma. It's also the title of a 19th century opera.