Monday, January 14, 2019

A busy Bible week

From January 6-13, I attended 4 Bible studies!  That must be a record. 

On January 6 our small group from church had an Epiphany lunch at our home after services on Sunday afternoon.  We’re studying Hebrews, and the leadership rotates with the host.

On  January 10 after doing the mail run for the church, I sat in on the Thursday morning class for (mostly) retirees at 10:30, studying Revelation led by pastor Jeff Morlock.  That was followed by a wonderful luncheon with guest speaker John Kohan of Delaware, Ohio, talking about his sacred art collection (some of which is on display at our Mill Run location, and will change during Lent).

Then on Saturday January 11 I returned to the Women of Word group I’d been a part of for many years, but had  stopped going about 4 years ago.  The leader Mary Jo is the same as are many in the class, and I was warmly welcomed “home.” They are participating in a video class Bible study of Genesis 1-11 led by Jen Wilkin, “God of Creation.”  

On Sunday January 12 while Bob was busy with the quilt show at our other location, Mill Run, I rejoined the adult Sunday School class after the 9 .m. worship at Lytham Road.  We had attended for many years, but several years ago while they were struggling through Romans at the speed of a snail, we found other things to do.  Charlie, the leader is doing an excellent job of working through Acts with a good study book and handouts. He’s very good at reining in the diverse, and very well educated, members who love to expound on not much at all.  I even met a new member named Dotty who joined the church last fall. This is the only Sunday School class for adults and is open to all, although it definitely leans to the over 50 crowd. 

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